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Inquisi is a full-service research agency specialising in TV with a bespoke panel of over 45,000 viewers.

Below are our key capabilities but we pride ourselves on our flexible approach so, whether you're looking to fully outsource a project or just need an extra pair of hands, we'd love to be involved.


Our founder is both a quallie and data geek so unsurprisingly we like to blur the boundaries a little between qual and quant. Whilst running major quant

tracking studies isn't what we're about, we believe the most robust insights come when qual and quant are truly integrated within a project. Whether it be fishing for ideas in a larger pool before interrogating them in groups or validating group responses on a larger scale afterwards.


Is it expensive? Not necessarily. As a nimble agency we're often able to throw quant into the mix at no greater cost than you were expecting to pay for qual alone, phew!


Also, with our bespoke panel pre-profiled on TV platforms, channels, genre preferences and more, we can quickly turn around short questionnaires amongst specific segments without the need for lengthy screeners which can also sometimes bias answers given in the survey.


Oh, did we mention that every single panelist we use in quant has been pre-approved on their ability to complete basic tasks and freely express their opinion? As a result, we reckon our open responses in online surveys are far richer than the industry average. We could almost call them qual!


Focus groups, depths, hanging out in viewers' homes - we fully manage qual projects from start to finish. Alternatively, we can simply be hired to moderate and/or recruit for a qual project you're running yourself.


We've moderated 100s of TV groups on everything from launching new channels to programme pilot testing and general channel health checks. Building up an armoury of bespoke stimulus and activities to replicate viewer experiences and get respondents talking. We've also run bingo, gas, mobiles, broadband and mail groups too if you're interested!


Clearly killer questions and insightful interpretation is key, but we believe even the most talented questioning can draw blanks if aimed at irrelevant respondents.  To address this issue we recruit in-house via our bespoke panel to ensure we're always using the freshest most relevant respondents.


To further maximise insight we often try to shake up where we venture to and get criminally under researched cities like Newcastle into the mix whenever possible. We also believe online groups are perfect for reaching more niche audiences and have experience in setting up and running these successfully too.


TV is exciting and a topic most naturally enjoy discussing. However, TV researchers frequently fail to capitalise on this and recruit from the same over-fished pools every other industry uses. This unsurprisingly brings in so-called serial respondents who'll turn up to anything for cash and a handful of crisps!


We're continually scouring the length and breadth of the UK for untapped viewers who'd love to get involved in a TV research project but haven't necessarily signed up to your usual field agencies and online panels to be offered every piece of research going from insurance to utilities.


Using a range of recruitment methods and the editorial support of over 50 national and regional newspapers, magazines and websites, we now have over 45,000 members of eager to take part. Many clustered in often overlooked towns and villages.


As you'd expect all respondents are pre-profiled on all things TV so we can ensure we don't have any of those "I'll be whoever you want me to be tonight" types and we can also consider more factors than are in the screener to achieve optimal group dynamics.

80% of our panel are new to focus groups 55% are new to online surveys


Even the most dynamic debrief can't beat coming face to face with a viewer. Whether you want to get out of the office and meet your biggest fans and critics on their own territory, or would like to have them come to you, we can organise it using a range of engaging formats that also ensure the impact of the experience lives on throughout the company.


Our founder Dean Richardson has over 8 years experience interrogating BARB TV viewing data with techedge and whilst Inquisi is not a BARB supplier, Dean is more than capable of integrating your own viewing data into qual/quant projects to ensure you don't have confusing findings and everything ties together into consistent compelling stories.

Founder of Inquisi, Dean Richardson has over thirteen years strategic insight experience gained both client and agency side as both a practitioner and commisioner of qual, quant and secondary research.  Actively involved in research and insight from all angles, Dean completely understands what everyone needs to get out of a project.


Graduating with a first class honours in Advertising and Marketing Communications at Bournemouth University, Dean's dissertation on rebranding TV channels earned a distinction. It was perhaps an early indicator he would later specialise in TV research and take an active role in rebranding channels himself!


Dean began his career by spending five years agency side at TEQUILA\ part of the worldwide Omnicom advertising group. In intelligence, he gained invaluable cross sector insight experience and pro actively devised and organised quarterly ‘Binge Thinking’ sessions, allowing the agency and clients to come together to hear the latest social trends, creative and media ideas across all sectors. Dean then took on strategic planning responsibilities for Gala Bingo/Casino, Eon and new business pitches. Moderating groups and hanging out in bingo halls and casinos across the country, Dean ensured a true consumer understanding was at the heart of creative briefings.


Dean then spent over five years at multichannel network UKTV where, as a Research and Insight Manager, he interrogated BARB data on a daily basis and managed in-house and commissioned research for seven of the network’s channels across pay and free. Dean devised and led comprehensive programmes of in-house research to launch the hugely successful Drama channel, helped rebrand Yesterday to increase appeal without alienating the core audience and broadened Really's content to capitalise on its introduction to freeview whilst ensuring the commercial team were armed with the strongest statistics for various platform negotiations.


Refreshed after a 7 month break in Spain, funded by a lucrative foray into the animal onesie business, Dean returned to set up Inquisi. A back to basics TV research agency that simply focuses on the power of finding the right viewers to answer the right questions.


As a research manager I was hounded by research agencies claiming to be more strategic than others with their latest all singing and dancing models ready to prove it. But what about a research agency that was simply committed to delivering the most thoroughly devised and executed piece of research containing surprising and enlightening insights? Having previously worked as a strategic planner, I can certainly be strategic too, but it's appreciating we can't possibly know your business better than you.

We therefore look to combine our fresh perspectives with your team's experience to decide together how best to proceed.


What we will know inside out and be 100% confident in however, is the research we've undertaken. This brings me on to my second biggest bugbear, recruitment. As a moderator, no amount of scientific models, hours of tweaking questions and preparing the perfect stimulus can get over the deflation of being sat in a room of people who aren't who they're supposed to be. By bringing recruitment in-house, we can really interrogate whether we're investing in the right people. We can also turn the entire research process on its head and recommend going to areas which appear the richest in insight rather than force fitting respondents to the same old pre-selected cities"


Dean Richardson, founder of Inquisi Research


Dean is a member of the Independent Consultants Group (ICG), a professional network of over 400 highly experienced researchers from all disciplines and sectors both in the UK and abroad.


If a project requires it, Inquisi are able to team up with additional members best suited to the brief to ensure clients always have access to a larger highly qualified team whenever required.

For a full CV of Dean's experience, please feel free to connect on LinkedIn


We've covered all manner of TV research whether that be programme content, talent or title testing, on or off air marketing, channel health checks or rebrands, current, lapsed or potential viewer research and linear or on demand services. Genres include chat shows, comedy, cops/rescue, crime drama, entertainment, food, history, home & lifestyle, paranormal, real crime and real life documentaries across UK commissions and US acquisitions.


Please see a few specific examples below or get in touch to hear about the experience we may have most relevant to you.


A channel wanted to increase its viewing frequency by fully understanding motivations for viewing its key content.


As an example of how using our bespoke panel works best, we conducted 8 focus groups at 4 locations defined by where we had access to some of the biggest fans of specific genres.


A wealth of motivations to view were unearthed which were then put to 400 respondents nationally to quantify and see where there was realistic potential to encourage trial of other pillars and what barriers were currently preventing this.


A channel wanted to fully understand heavy viewers of a niche genre that they've struggled to recruit for groups in the past.


We suggested running online groups which allowed us to recruit the biggest fans across the UK from Scotland to Cornwall. The highly interactive online sessions were a great success and delivered a considerably higher level of insight per participant than just relying on who can attend a group in a certain city on a certain night. The client, who previously hadn't used online groups, was impressed by the richness of the discussion and is looking to see what other projects they could be used for.


A channel wanted to understand the success or failure of some of its key programming from every point of the viewers journey.


We conducted an online survey which assessed title cut through and appeal within a natural EPG context, expectations and effectiveness of on and off-air marketing and finally how this married to the reality of watching the programme.


This generated learnings for the channel in terms of future content selection and promotion and maximising the value of existing programming.

We've also been involved with a channel refresh to ensure it appealed to potential viewers without alienating the core, run channel name testing quant, assessed the appeal of a potential new SVOD service, pre-tested major off-air programme brand campaigns in both qual and quant, previewed a new US drama acquisition to 200 respondents online to guide its launch marketing, invited our panelists to attend physical preview screenings and found fans to meet channel teams in working sessions.

So far, we've worked for these TV channels & services. We would love to add you to our growing list soon.



At UKTV we use Inquisi regularly for a variety of projects. I have always found them quick, economical and reliable. They are very collaborative to work with and have a great understanding of the TV market. I have always found their respondents to be articulate and insightful and more importantly, accurately recruited."


Sheri Cladd, Research & Insight Manager, UKTV



I was delighted when Dean started freelancing as we can now call on him when we need an extra team member at short notice. Dean’s experience of working client-side equips him with the insight and business understanding that other agencies sometimes lack. He understands our need for flexibility and often adapts to changing priorities. Most of my team have worked with Dean at some point in his freelance capacity and value the quick turnaround, insightful observations and objective opinion. I would highly recommend his services."

Amy Bryson, Head of Research & Insight, UKTV


The chance to get paid for your TV opinions has captured the attention of several major newspapers, magazines and

websites and resulted in over half of the respondents signing up to our viewers panel being brand new to research.

As a result, we feel we have access to some of the most honest, excitable and fresh respondents around!




If you're a potential client who'd like to get in touch, have a chat about how we may be able to work together or would like us to come in to meet you, please use the contact form below or email


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